Friday, 7 December 2018

OMH Mi Account Remove Tool Auto Free Download


  • Comport Auto Detect 
  • Cpu Auto Detect 
  • Firehose Auto Detect
Cpu Support:-

MSM8x10 , MSM8909 , MSM8916 , MSM8917 , MSM8926 , MSM8936 , MSM8937 , MSM8952 , MSM8953 , MSM8974 , MSM8976 , MSM8992 , MSM8994 , MSM8996 , MSM8998

How To Boot In Edl Mode Xiaomi Smartphones:
  1. Turn Off Your Phone
  2. Now Plug One End Of The Usb Cable Into The Pc Port And The Other End Does Not Connect To The Phone
  3. Press The Volume Up And Power Button And Immediately Connect Other End Of The Usb Cable To The Phone
  4. Automatically The Phone Will Go To Edl Mode With LED Lights Will Light Up Blinking.
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