Sunday, 10 February 2019

KAT TOOL 2019 Android Toolkit With Drivers Free Download

version 2.0 (major update) 7-03-2017

HUGE Modifications for resources
*Bundle of OPTIONS Added
*Auto-check for Detecting your device (top right corner button)
*Get your Phone Information (some of them useful for devs)
*Download, Flash, Backup, or directly Change YOUR Boot Animation
*A new section for devs added (removed About section)
*Backup your partition manually via tool or a Batch script
{Edit the textbox by the changing the combo box, or manually insert}
*Dump your Partition directly
*Root your device easily via ADB (Universal method may or may not work)
*Make an insecure boot image automatically (secure,debuggable = 0)
{Just select boot image, then tool will automatically create patched one}
*Installed Parted Library (to view partition system, if /block doesn’t show)
*Fixed Reboot option, more option added for special reboots
*Fixed Unlocking bootloader option
*Fixed Flasher Tab (HUGE)
*Fixed Bug in App manager not backing up apps
*Fixed Build prop editor, more options added
*Fixed Backing options in Settings tab

**MORE** Not even remembered…LOL
How to Install:- 
  1. Just Download The Main version of the toolkit currently is 1.0
  2. Extract the zip and Install the Setup.exe file.
  3. To update it just go to About menu and Click on Check for Updates.
#Basic Tips to use#

1. Make sure while using any option move your cursor onto it, to display its information.
2. If toolkit suddenly doesn't respond, make sure you first End its process from task
   manager then contact me from the toolkit - that why this happen (log)
3. Do not jump onto the options quickly, wait till the first process gets over.
4. Thats it, ENJOY :)

Download Link
File Name: KAT-TOOLS 2019
File Type: Compressed/Zip
File Size: 38 MB
File Password:

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