Thursday, 27 June 2019

R3 Tools Pro MTK 2.0 Beta Full Working Without Activation Free For Windows PC

Update Feature Of R3 Tools Pro MTK 2.0:

This property is as usual for device and flash device informationRead Info
This feature is for the device map and also delete Google accountFactory Reset
This feature activates the full adb activationEnable Adb
This feature is used to enter the device into the fastboot modeGo To Fastboot
This property is for hardware devices that have a Ubifs file system such as Doogee X10ubifs Factory Reset
This property is used to program devices that have the Ext4 file systemFastboot Factory Reset

Tab Flash

This property is also known to write flash in .mtk or Scatter formatWrite Flash
This feature is used to read the device but in a special format .mtkRead Flash
This property is for full memory as a backup copyRead Full Dump
This feature is to write the backup copyWrite Full Dump
This property is for reading the file responsible for the networkRead NVRAM
This property is to write the file responsible for the networkWrite NVRAM
This property to read a particular file from the flashDump Partitions
This is special for writing a file from a flashcardFlash Partitions
This property is to read PreloaderRead Preloader

 Preloader was not added because it was not well tested so we can add it because it is responsible for the death of the Tab Security devices

UpdateThis feature to pause Google Account has been corrected to run on all Android releasesFRP Reset
UpdateThis feature has to read the style of Android 5.1.1 or lowerRead Pattern
NewThis feature to delete the lock or style .. for Android interface releases between 4 and 7Reset All Lock 4..7
UpdateThis property has to delete the lock or pattern but another wayReset Lock Direct
ExclusiveThis feature is to delete the lock or pattern of the interface to which the data is encrypted for each releaseReset Lock Encrypted
NewThis property is to delete the System UI application that is responsible for the hardware interfaceReset Lock UI

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File Name: R3 Tools 2.0 Beta
File Type: Compressed/Zip
File Size: 31 MB
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